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5 Features to Look for When Choosing Construction Management Software

The infusion of technology and business in the modern era has reached new heights and is being utilized in a diverse range of businesses. In the construction industry in particular, where collaboration is imperative to success, construction project software is making waves as more managers become apprised of its benefits. It’s led the way to greater […]

4 Ways to Lessen Your Workload

As a facility manager, efficiency can be your greatest asset –given your plethora of responsibilities and immovable deadlines. One of the more robust ways of keeping up to speed with your day-to-day activities is through the use of maintenance management software. Successful implementation of work order management software sees huge returns on investment, as well […]

The Importance of Communication & Real-Time Collaboration on the Worksite

Constant communication and collaboration are very important elements to the overall success of any construction worksite.This is true for a variety of reasons, including for safety reasons, to enhanced business practices, to increase efficiency and productivity, to make more effective use of construction equipment and just better overall collaboration between all parties involved. How Construction […]

Facilities Managers: Digital Information vs. Traditional Information

Think about what Facility managers have at their disposal today, paper drawings rolled up and in “cubbies” or laid flat in large drawers.  Add to that the countless binders with manual after manual of motors, fans, pumps, panels, motor control centers, and the list goes on ad nauseam.  These are typically kept in a locked […]

Project Management on the Move with iPad Construction Apps

In business as in life, organization is the name of the game. With so many tasks to complete during the course of an average day – and many more as a particular deadline approaches – keeping an account of them is the first step to actually accomplishing these task. Project management software has taken off […]

5 Traits of Successful Facility Managers

Taking on the responsibility of building facility management is a highly demanding, and also highly rewarding position. It is a role that requires you to have industry insight, mechanical expertise and business acumen – but there’s more. Developing or building upon the five skills below, will help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your […]

Measuring Your Construction Project Management Efficiency

Regardless of the size of the construction project, contractors and project managers alike must take a proactive approach to measuring and managing their efficiency. Managing your project properly is not only essential for keeping your clients happy, but is also essential for staying on budget—and for breaking ground on your next project in a timely […]

Where is Your Data?

Facilities range in age from just constructed to the completion of the pyramids!  Many studies around indicate that the time it takes to perform maintenance and repair on facilities is as much as 33% longer per repair due to the lack of access to information about these repairs.  Much of the time the information is […]

Are You Needlessly Consuming Your Valuable Time and Money?

One major university has calculated that it takes six hours to complete the average work order with two of those hours searching for information regarding its completion.  The NIST has indicated that, “…the total costs to facility stake holders due to inadequate interoperability and communications to be $15.84 billion (2.84% of operating costs) annually for […]

The One Year Hurdle For All New Facilities

Some of the biggest challenges today in the facility maintenance arena are the availability of critical information and how to access it.  Once a construction project is completed, the facility information is turned over from the building team to the maintenance team.  There are  many forms that information is both submitted and received such as […]