In business as in life, organization is the name of the game. With so many tasks to complete during the course of an average day – and many more as a particular deadline approaches – keeping an account of them is the first step to actually accomplishing these task. Project management software has taken off these days, because of their ability to sync information between team members in real time, as well as their particular utility in construction-oriented jobs.

Construction Apps Make Collaboration a Breeze

On a construction site, there are a million things to do – and different people handle fractions of the collective task. There are construction apps for the iPad that allow large-scale collaboration on such projects, from onsite workers, to offsite project managers viewing specifications and drawings at the same time. The utility of status updates and timelines are fully realized with the emergence of these apps, where only a username and password is required to log in and contribute.

Naturally, the tendency to stay consistently on schedule is a by-product of using construction apps. As the quintessential project management software, the project manager can gauge onsite progress, then amend individual task completion dates as he sees fit. Indeed; he can alert the client of the changes well in advance, and connect with the onsite team leader via the app to show the client the benefits/necessity of adjusting a milestone or deadline. Or, for hard-and-fast terminal dates, everyone involved in the project is aided by the collaborative time management features of the software. In sum – it increases productivity and helps you stay on schedule.

Project Engagement and Punch Lists

A natural byproduct of the enabling abilities of a construction information app is the ability to keep track of the project. You can be alerted vital changes as the project progresses, or notified of the completion of specific tasks by the onsite team leader as they are finished. The collaborative nature of the app then eliminates cross-talk between different parts of the team, since they all have access to the app and everyone is updated at the same time. Essentially, construction apps optimize efficiency – which leads to better results, lower costs and has benefits for your reputation.

Keeping Clients In the Loop

This crucial aspect was touched on a bit earlier, but bears mentioning again. In the past, it would have been unwieldy trying to appraise a client of everything going on mid-project; for example, what if you needed more time for a task to improve upon an expected result? Trying to explain this looked unprofessional, and had an adverse effect on your reputation.

With many of these construction apps for iPad, you can keep the client in the loop throughout the project – without drowning them in the details. Their ability to access project data files explains to them more completely than you ever could, the benefits of adjusting milestones or approving funds for better outcomes.  It never has to be complicated, especially when the right app can simply provide a simple issue identification and resolution for reference.

Project management software is the collaborative app of the future, and it’s already here. Make sure your organization isn’tleft behind with help from FASTTAC. Our construction project collaboration software ensures that everyone on your team – from contractors to clients – is on the same page all project long.  Make sure your construction management works at maximum efficiency from start to finish with help from FASTTAC.