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3 Ways Facilities Managers Can Save Money In Healthcare Facilities

As a facility manger you can make decisions that can save your healthcare facility a significant amount of money – helping you lower your operating costs and giving you the ability to use that money on other areas of the facility. Ultimately your goal is to run you facility as efficiently as possible and these three […]

3 Ways Facilities Can Leverage Technology To Mitigate Risk

Reducing risk for your facility is one of the most important jobs of a Facility Manager. Not only does this create a safe environment for your employees, but this also significantly reduces costs – specifically costs that are not in your budget. Technology can be a game changer for Facility Managers looking to reduce their […]

Using Technology to Save Your Facility Money

In any business, it’s common to focus on where you can save time and money, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by implementing the right technology for your facility and your team. Technology helps us save by saving space, allows us to work faster fit more work into our day, and by performing […]

Achieving Facilities Management Efficiency: Expecting Standardization

Efficiency is a popular term to throw around because it typically means saving time and energy. Simply put: Efficiency = Profit. The interesting thing about efficiency is that it has a specific definition when used for technology. By itself efficiency is defined as the state or quality of being efficient, but when you talk about […]

The Transformation of the Facilities Manager

A few decades ago the profile of a successful Facilities Manager typically was someone that was a technical expert who grew to be a higher ranking manager. The demands’ of facilities today has dramatically changed this profile, now commonly requiring a college degree and years of management experience. By no means are we suggesting that […]

5 Habits of Successful Facility Managers

Being a Facility Manager isn’t an easy task. You’re responsible for multiple tasks a day and ultimately you’re the person who ensures that the facility can operate as expected. It’s a job that other employees don’t notice when it’s done right, but if there is a problem with the facility you are the first person […]

Measuring Results with Your Project Documents

As the days of handling projects with fine old brainpower and foolscaps transformed into days of shoeboxes and spreadsheets, people began to realize that spreadsheets could, in fact, present them with an improved way of carrying out projects. Nowadays we are going through a comparable transition from shoeboxes and spreadsheets to even superior ways of […]

3 Ways Effective Facilities Management Software Can Build Your Bottom Line

Effective facilities management solutions for your business may be a way to not only cut costs but improve your company’s bottom line. Such solutions are used worldwide and provide companies with a way to better organize, schedule and manage maintenance tasks. Whether these solutions are local or cloud-based, facility management tools available to you represent […]

7 Steps to Successful Facilities Management

Overseeing the maintenance and management of a facility or production operation can be a challenging task, as you would expect. The arrival of computerized facilities management software has transformed the face of facilities management and enhanced the overall performance of maintenance departments both small and large. With the help of the right software, facility managers […]

Tips for Better Blueprint Management

Are you looking for a better way, through either blueprint software or a blueprint app, to manage your blueprints? As an architect or engineer, you understand the importance of your blueprints to the success of your building project. Having access to architectural project management software can help you better manage your blueprints and gain greater control over […]