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3 Project Management Solution to Boost Your Site’s Productivity

As a project manager or contractor, your profitability is directly tied to your productivity. According to McKinsey & Company, a research and business management consulting firm, the investment value in infrastructure projects worldwide will more than double from $6 trillion in 2012 to $13 trillion by the year 2030. The use of project coordination software, construction […]

Why Go Digital with Your Facility Management

Everything is going digital these days, and digital facility management solutions are getting larger and more accessible every day. Digitized facility management is safer and more secure in many ways than traditional facility management solutions. Going digital with maintenance management software means everything from better asset tracking to improved employee management. On-The-Go Updates at Your […]

Keeping Your Construction Documents Under Control

Managing the various documents related to your construction project is important. These documents provide you with the written and graphical instructions you need to properly manage your project, meet timetables and stay in compliance with various local, state and federal building codes and requirements. Here is a look at the project document management process and the […]

Construction Technology & Tools: Then & Now

Long ago the process of building something involved the creation of designs and blueprints, filing duplicate copies with the local building inspector and the maintenance of boxes or drawers full of invoices, work orders, change orders and other documentation. This way of doing things may have been adequate for many small builders but as more […]

Avoiding Costly Mistakes on the Construction Site

Time is money, so the longer a construction project takes, the more money is spent in the long run. On the flip side, the more time that can be shaved off of a project, the more money can be saved. It is for this reason that many contractors are turning to cloud-based construction project management […]

Construction in the Cloud: How Cloud-Based Technology Keeps You Ahead

If you remember the days before cloud-based construction management software, FRI’s can be contentious. Often they can feel like a contract in and of themselves, adding numerous details that can feel like roadblocks instead of legitimate help on a project. Thanks to modern drawing management and markup software, however, all of this has changed. The […]

Overcoming the Obstacles of Construction Documentation

Few of us truly understand all the obstacles that handling construction documentation can pose, but those who deal with blueprints and construction permits on a daily basis know all too well what a hassle it can be, especially with when the winds whip up and destroy an expensive set of blueprints that are crucial to […]

Better Facility Management with Maintenance Management Software

Even with superior attention to detail, managing the maintenance within a large facility can be greatly improved with the use of facility management software. This software eliminates the need for a paper trail, and improves everything from organization to communication. Below are just a handful of ways in which maintenance management software can help to […]

Setting Your Construction Project Data Structure

When working on construction projects, it is very important to collaborate in real time with all parties involved and have access to information that pertains to each segment of the project. Making sure data is available and selecting the correct platform and project data structure is also crucial. Access to construction items such as architectural […]

Tracking Work Progress Through Construction Management Technology

Few industries benefit from integration as much as the construction industry. The presence of project managers and superintendents is imperative to the success of a project, despite the fact that their presence is often required at meetings in field offices and other locations to provide for the needs of the onsite contractors and the job […]