Managing the various documents related to your construction project is important. These documents provide you with the written and graphical instructions you need to properly manage your project, meet timetables and stay in compliance with various local, state and federal building codes and requirements. Here is a look at the project document management process and the types of construction document management software you should consider as part of your project management.

What the Project Document Management Process Entails

The physical form of the building being constructed through the design placed in construction documents. The construction document is the heart and soul of the project being built. The success of your construction (or failure) lies in properly managed project documents.

Project document management refers to the process you use to keep the different documents related to your project under control. The construction documents that you use comprise the legal, procedural and development related information. A process of maintaining this information in an orderly manner advances the design process and allows required communications to take place among your different project stakeholders (i.e. subcontractors, inspectors, client, etc.).

The Importance of Construction Documents in the Building Process

Construction documents  are a vital and important part of the building process. Construction documents represent any and all required design changes that need to be implemented to maintain compliance with building codes. A system for managing these documents in a manner that is efficient and sensible only helps you when communicating changes or determining site progress. These drawings and documents communicate the correct building specifications that you need to implement during the building process. They are the direct input from the architect, showing their vision, innovative design and experience in ensuring that the building is inhabitable.

How Construction Document Management Software Aids Construction Project Management

One of the greatest benefits associated with construction document management software is how its use streamlines the necessary communications that take place at the construction site. Better communication is essential to increasing efficiency at the construction site and lower costs associated with building. With the use of construction document management software, you can ensure your team members are all on the same page without the need to check and verify the latest version by calling on other staff to validate the documents or possibly meet face-to-face. The possession of a simple internet enabled device, such as an iPad or tablet computer, makes communications easy to accomplish, in real-time.

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