As a project manager or contractor, your profitability is directly tied to your productivity. According to McKinsey & Company, a research and business management consulting firm, the investment value in infrastructure projects worldwide will more than double from $6 trillion in 2012 to $13 trillion by the year 2030. The use of project coordination software, construction apps, and project document management software are just some of the tools that can aid your efforts to improve your bottom line.

There are at least three project management solutions to consider that will have a discernible impact on your site’s productivity. These solutions include tools designed to improve the planning, management, and organization of your projects, mobile-based apps and project document management software to manage the essential paperwork associated with your project.

Construction Project Coordination Software

Industry specific project management software is indispensable in the coordination of the elements related to the successful completion of your construction project. One important benefit of project coordination software is the streamlining of standardization of the processes related to construction. This allows others to quickly assess progress, move required processes and keep a client abreast of the work being done to complete the project on time and on or near budget.

Mobile-based Construction Apps

With more than half of Americans relying on a smartphone or tablet, according to a recent Pew Research Internet Project report, it is reasonable to assume that more and more construction sites also rely on mobile technology in order to complete required documents or management essential elements of the construction process. Mobile-based construction apps, therefore, are an important complement to the use of mobile technology for the management of your site project. Construction apps allow you, your supervisors and other site workers to effectively communicate with each other, provide real-time updates and status reports and cut down on the amount of time needed to transfer paper-based data into an electronic form in order to complete required documents.

Software for Project Document Management

The management of all of your construction related documents is easily accomplished through the use of project document management software. Project document management software allows you to upload the specifics of your project, link and index required documents and extract the required data from these documents to file oversight reports, manage timelines and determine productivity. This software, coupled with mobile construction apps and coordination software, gives you all of the tools you need to properly document, manage and complete your construction project.

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