As the days of handling projects with fine old brainpower and foolscaps transformed into days of shoeboxes and spreadsheets, people began to realize that spreadsheets could, in fact, present them with an improved way of carrying out projects. Nowadays we are going through a comparable transition from shoeboxes and spreadsheets to even superior ways of undertaking projects with dedicated, specialized project documentation software. Nevertheless, human nature indicates that we are quite resistant to change, and this is entirely comprehensible with a decision to spend in construction management software, since it is often a significant investment.

Having said that, project documentation software is totally different to what was available back in the day as it can be easily customized to suit your particular industry or business. If you’re still unsure whether to dive right in and steer clear of spreadsheets, here are four benefits of project documentation software which you could be losing if you don’t:

A Central Database

With project documentation software, you have a core repository for all your project data, rather than spreadsheets spread over different workers’ local hard disks. Two, you can gain access to the central repository from anyplace with an internet access, meaning if you’ve offices in different places, or workers wanting to access files from the site, they’re able to all access the same data. In addition, a central database means your employees work more efficiently as each one has accessibility to most drawing management data. Also, project documentation software commonly provides communication tools which can help teams in discussing challenges in real-time.  The advantage is that each member is usually kept updated, quickly addressing issues as they occur.

Greater Document Control

With a central repository comes better control over all of your project documents. They’re easily retrievable in case of a claim or dispute and are never misplaced or lost. There is also greater personal accountability as each and every user has an account (login), and you may then quickly monitor who created, approved or modified certain documents.

Seamless Integration

Construction document management software allows you integrate all project information with your own accounting system. What this means is there is no wasted time reproducing data from your project crew to the accounting unit.

Standardized Processes

With construction document management software, all your procedures become consistent across the company. Everyone enters similarly required data when generating new documents, and all the reports for every single document feels and looks the same and provides the same information. That time when different employees created different document templates is long gone, and this offers your firm and project team better unity and consistency if they’re all operating from the same data/info presented in a similar manner.

Before investing in project documentation software, it is crucial to assess the requirements of your organization.  Knowing precisely which features will be required will help to simplify the decision-making process.  Properly creating a list of characteristics and functions in terms of required and optional will assist you in deciding which software most closely fits the needs of the firm.

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