facility maintenance in public works

Facility Maintenance in Public Works

Workers at local authorities and utilities are fighting an uphill battle.

Facility managers are right there with them trying to hold onto their team and their facilities with the cards stacked against them.

These days it seems like the waves never stop coming – COVID, labor shortages, mass retirement, crumbling infrastructure, and budgets that aren’t keeping up with inflation.

Despite the challenges, facility managers have a passion for their job because it supports their team, their families, and their city.  Children deserve a clean and safe school. drivers deserve safe, clean roads. And everyone needs to have their water, gas, and electric well maintained.

Will these challenges continue pulling facility teams back or can facility maintenance at public works managers help their teafacility maintenance in public worksms win despite them?

At eFacility we’ve helped build and manage facilities for decades and we know what it feels like to have all the pressure on your shoulders without a light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s why we built eFacility to help facility managers and their teams to meet these challenges and win back the shift. What are the primary challenges authorities are facing and how will eFacility help you address them?

Facility Maintenance in Public Works and Infrastructure are Crumbling

It doesn’t just seem like budgets in facility maintenance in public works is being slashed year after year. They literally are being slashed year after year. The outcome of that is crumbling facilities and crumbling infrastructure. That leaves facility managers with a tough job – do more with less.  No….even less than that. At eFacility we help facility managers address this issue by organizing the information their team needs to maintain their facilities all in one place.  We help their team spend less time looking and more time fixing. That’s the only way to do less with more. 

Labor Shortages are Hitting Teams Hard

Labor shortages are hitting every sector, and ours is no different. It’s hard to find people, let alone good people. When you don’t have the bodies it’s even more critical that they folks you do have are working on value-added activities, not spending 30 minutes looking for a warranty or a blueprint. At eFacility, we help facility managers and their teams spend more time on the tasks that matter.

The Loss of Experienced Workers

Labor shortages are the only problem. Experienced workers are leaving the work force and taking all of their experience with them. The person that fixed the furnace for the last 30 years is no longer on your team. How is the new person supposed to get it done? At eFacility, we help facility managers capture the institutional knowledge of their team and share it with other teammates when they need it most.

Overcoming The Challenges of Facility Maintenance at Public Works

Facility maintenance at public works managers have a lot of challenges. They will level the playing field when they make their teams’ jobs easier. When the job is easier you’ll see an increase in morale, retention, and completed work orders. If you’re facing any of these challenges we’d love to hear what they are to see if we can help. Click here to schedule a call with us today. In the worst case you’ll learn about new technology that might help in the future and best case you’ll finally solve your most pressing challenges. Click here to schedule a call with us today.