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Reduce Work Order Time through Unleashing your Institutional Knowledge

The One Challenge Facing All Facility Managers What’s the one challenge facing all facility managers?  Facility maintenance staff is in short supply!  A shrinking labor market and increasing labor costs are impacting all organizations and all facility managers. These challenges are further compounded as baby boomers retire and institutional knowledge is lost.  Learn How To […]

Technological Tools Can Save Healthcare Facility Managers Money and Time

Technological Tools Can Save Healthcare Facility Managers Money and Time Improving Efficiency and Cutting Costs in Healthcare Facilities Many managers are faced with the question: How do we maintain or make changes to spaces while also increasing efficiency and cutting costs? One simple first step involves making a pivot to the integration of digital tools that […]

Joint Commission Preparation Made Easy

Joint Commission Preparation Made Easy Joint Commission preparation adds extra cost and additional stress to your already overworked team. efacility helps you stay prepared for Joint Commission so you’re always prepared, and your team can focus on what they really care about – taking care of the patients in your care. What is the Joint […]

Maintain Consistency When You Outsource Facility Operations

The Growth to Outsource Facility Operations According to an article by James McDonald written for iofficecorp, the CBRE sites interest to outsource facility operations as one of the big trends in facility management. By utilizing subcontractors to complete tasks such as those related to facility management, individuals free up more time that can be dedicated […]