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Joint Commission Preparation Made Easy

Joint Commission Preparation Made Easy Joint Commission preparation adds extra cost and additional stress to your already overworked team. efacility helps you stay prepared for Joint Commission so you’re always prepared, and your team can focus on what they really care about – taking care of the patients in your care. What is the Joint […]

Maintain Consistency When You Outsource Facility Operations

The Growth to Outsource Facility Operations According to an article by James McDonald written for iofficecorp, the CBRE sites interest to outsource facility operations as one of the big trends in facility management. By utilizing subcontractors to complete tasks such as those related to facility management, individuals free up more time that can be dedicated […]


What Is A Work Order, and How Does It Impact Profitability?

If work orders are part of your daily workflow in order to accomplish tasks in your facility, understanding their intent, significance, and use is crucial when the need arises for their use in facility management. According to an article written for Purchase Control, understanding how tasks are assigned and completed is extremely important to the […]

Warehouse Facility Management

Warehouse facility management is an essential function for many businesses during COVID-19. An era of technological advancement, demanding jobs, and busy schedules combined with a global pandemic has forced many individuals to distance themselves from others while relying heavily on quick delivery. The world of e-commerce has helped to fulfill many of these needs. Companies […]

Streamlining Facility Information and Storage

Searching For a Family Recipe In a recent Zoom conversation with family, we began to discuss some of our favorite memories from gatherings that had occurred over the years as well as the classic images, relics, and recipes that we associated with those formative times. As the conversation continued, aunts, uncles, sisters, grandparents, and the […]

Facility Management in the Time of Social Distancing

To say that these are unprecedented times in the field of Facility Management is to echo the feelings of individuals, businesses, and organizations globally. In an uncertain era of nonessential businesses being ordered to close or modify their brick and mortar locations due to public health concerns, facility owners, tenants, and managers must grapple with […]