Customers Make Consistency in Facilities a High Priority

Imagine that you have just ended a long day of travel filled with waiting, sitting, driving, flying  and the ever unwelcome delay or layover.

The only thing that held you together at each airport was the comfort of knowing you could rely on a quiet space and a boost of energy from your favorite cup of coffee at each stop.

You finally arrive at your destination and are once again put at ease in knowing that you will be able to rest at prepare for the following day filled with meetings and brainstorming sessions at one of the hotel chains of which you are a loyalty member.

The Tuesday morning after a long day of business travel you once again have come to expect the reliability of breakfast at one of your favorite chain restaurants without fail.

Creating Consistency For Customers Through Facility Standards

Much has gone into the creation of this experience for you and other individuals as the consumer. In creating various chains or even business models managers at every level are trying to create quality, reliable, and sustainable experiences for their customers. With various locations, managers, facilities, equipment, it can become a daunting task. 

How can businesses truly replicate an experience across cities, counties, states, and in some cases even countries?

How and where can information be shared and stored in order for businesses to scale?

Replicate the Experience for Customers

In order to replicate these experiences as new infrastructure is built as well as to maintain or restore older facilities, seamless communication and organization are vital.

Some of the pitfalls of various chains are when there is a lack of continuity in the atmosphere, experience, service, appearance, organization, or even selection of items. Individuals become repeat customers because they come to expect particular components from businesses that they frequent. 

This can even be true for businesses which have multiple sites and offices.

In order to maintain the company culture and approach, this can even boil down to the facility itself. Its appearance, equipment, and even details of layout or setup will help to maintain the quality of work as well as the end products that come out of each site. 

Digital Tools To Maintain Facility Standards

With the vast amount of details and information that must be stored in order to do so, managers may naturally begin to explore digital management tools to not only capture institutional knowledge but also capture all of the finely tuned details and decisions made about the facilities.

Being able to communicate quickly, to store information in an easily accessible manner are vital to efficiency and cost cutting when it comes to building new locations and managing existing ones.

eFacility and digital tools can help companies share the standards of their brand throughout various locations.  For example, when working with store chains, eFacility can help them capture the standards for each of their facilities as they build new facilities and maintain their existing facilities.

For companies with various models and floor plans, each specific layout can be stored in eFacility.  In addition, standard equipment, equipment and merchandise locations, items purchased directly from manufacturers (including model number and size), the POS system (point of sale), etc. can all be captured within the easy to access and update system. 

Essentially, everything you see when you drive into a particular chain restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, retail store, gas station, grocery store, sports facility, company with multiple sites etc., can be stored in the system in order to replicate and maintain the quality experience throughout. This includes but is not limited to colors, logos, finish materials,  and security systems.

Consistency in Facility Construction and Maintenance At Scale

As former NFL Quarterback Roger Staubach once said,  “In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry.” The same too applies to facilities and the way they are scaled, constructed, and maintained. Each location is the member of a larger team that must duplicate a particular “vibe” or chemistry in order to consistently succeed.

Digital tools such as eFacility can assist in managing the load of creating an experience that customers and companies can come to rely on in order to ensure their continued use and success. Sharing standards can be made that much easier.

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