The One CMMS Add-On That Will Make Your Facility More Profitable

Author Stephen Covey once wrote, “Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.” Though Covey was writing about the habits of highly effective individuals, the concept of symbiotic relationships is not new and appears in nature frequently.

Interestingly, this too can apply to facility management systems such as eFacility.

It is important for potential consumers to understand, particularly those who already incorporate CMMS into their businesses, that resources such as eFacility can serve as an extension which can further enhance user experiences and in many ways fill in the gaps of CMMS in order to optimize performance and efficiency.

Much like the intricate highways in major cities with multiple avenues, lanes, exits, and over/under passes, intertwined with the goal of getting people to where they need to go, CMMS and eFacility can work together in order to reach the same goals. In some ways there are lanes shared or crossover but in other ways they can run alongside one another in order to reach a more effective end goal.

An online article written for BetterBuys breaks down the key components of CMMS into eight areas: Asset Management, Work Order Management, Predictive Maintenance, Scheduling, Inventory Management, Preventive Maintenance, Mobile Access, and Reports/Analytics. Below readers will find a series of lists highlighting similarities and differences while also showing how CMMS and eFacility can work together to provide a better user experience.

Asset Management


Track assets such as buildings, vehicles, equipment (Better Buys)

Both Tools:

Retain information related to the history of the asset including permits, maintenance, purchase, etc. (Better Buys; Steeb)


Shows location, “link to” technical specifications manuals and warranty, assign location, utility connection locations, lockout procedures, special access instructions (behind a locked door, etc.).  The CMMS may have the information, but eFacility allows the information to be more easily accessed and then will likely be more frequently utilized.


Work Order Management


Designed to streamline maintenance that can include routine inspections, preventative maintenance, or reactive repairs. Individuals have the capability to submit work orders. (Better Buys)

Both Tools:

Track the various individuals involved in the completion of the work order along with costs and maintenance history. (Better Buys; Steeb)


eFacility has the information on the specific equipment, how it physically has changed over time, such as change to an electric motor. There is also space for that information to be stored so that the next maintenance person will see it.


Predictive Maintenance


By tracking the conditions of assets including machinery, CMMS can alert users to potential issues if characteristics (ie. temperature, sound) appear abnormal. (Better Buys)



Manage the scheduling of repairs and preventative maintenance. Also, makes users aware of repairs to meet guidelines set by the government, industry, and manufacturer regulations.  (Better Buys)

Inventory Management


Assures that when a repair is necessary, the tools and equipment needed for the repair are available. Some systems can even alert users to low supplies and or help to manage the ordering of such supplies. (Better Buys)

Both Tools:

Record information for each item. For example, the tools can store information related to warranties, date of purchase, type etc. (Better Buys; Steeb)

Preventive Maintenance

Both Tools:

Assist with creating maintenance schedules and often include a collection of common maintenance tasks or needs of facilities and machinery. (Better Buys; Steeb)

Mobile Access

Both Tools:

Allow managers and service providers to view information related to maintenance and repair from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. (Better Buys; Steeb)

Reports and Analytics


Create reports related to show compliance with regulations as well as costs  and equipment performance. (Better Buys)

When considering the use of eFacility in spite of already having CMMS, individuals should remove the competition and instead reframe the concept as eFacility + CMMS. The systems are not in competition with one another and thus individuals can ask themselves, “How can eFacility help to improve CMMS?”

About Us

eFacility provides software for facility managers that need to capture and share institutional knowledge.

eFacility’s patented technology allows technicians to access the documentation necessary to complete a work order from a mobile device.

Geo-based documentation delivery ensures the technician can quickly access the important documentation for only the area of the facility in which they’re standing.


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