In a recent August 2019 article published in Facility Executive both print and digital, contributor Dan Roessler expounded on the various interference’s with Computer Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) implementation and use. 

Four Major Barriers to Successful CMMS Implementations

Roessler’s article pinpoints four major categories that can create barriers in the application of CMMS systems in businesses and other entities.

He delineates that the areas where issues arrive involve, “Lack of Buy-in, Too Much Complexity, DIY Implementation, and Resistance to Change.”

In establishing his points, Roessler does an effective job of providing specific examples related to each point that help to illustrate problems that may arise and furthermore, through these examples, provides a map of issues that can be avoided if anticipated in the implementation of CMMS systems. 

In order to ensure that all stakeholders are on board with the transition to a CMMS system, Roessler suggests that collaboration is a key component when making decisions and then later implementing the change.

Identifying a Lack of Adoption In Your CMMS

Reading his article, one might sigh and shake their head in relating to the recognition that often those who must use the resources directly are often not the ones making the decisions.

Here, Roessler’s experience in the industry and the understanding of the relational aspect to facility management is made quite clear.

Even in worlds such as education teachers are involving students in the decision-making related to the resources and technology used. This approach can and should be integrated into other fields.

Another useful and successful component to the Roessler article is not only the tactful acknowledgement of the issues, but also the practical solutions that he suggests which can easily be molded to fit the diverse needs of different users of CMMS systems.

Complexity in the CMMS

One such suggestion relates to the complexity of CMMS systems which often gets in the way of use. The identification of this problem is not only crucial for those using the CMMS products but mention of this is also providing suggestion to the creators and facilitators of CMMS systems.

As the old adage goes, less is more. Simpler is better. In reading the solution suggestion, I actually nodded and said, “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?” Roessler makes the suggestion of involving all of the different users in a test of the accessibility. His suggestions are reasonable and practical.

Ultimately, in order to get out in front of issues with buy-in, complexity, and resistance, a clear well articulated trend of collaboration with all stakeholders shines through this article.

For a more detailed look at the suggestions made, check out the article online at

According to the entity’s website, Facility Executive, published by Group C Media, is an all encompassing resource in the facility management industry.

Facility Executive utilizes print, digital, and conferences to useful professional development to the project the field into the future.  

The Facility Executive and Accruent websites report that Dan Roessler is a Senior Product Marketing Manager and also serves as a consultant.

His Facility Executive bio cites that his experience spans over 25 years. As stated on the Momentum Press website, Roessler has authored Controls Systems Control System Migrations: A Practical Project Management Handbook, a 2013 publication. 

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