With the advancements in technology and the push to digitize many industries, the tool belt once used by facility managers may physically feel a bit lighter, but the depth of the possibilities in some of the software has many excited about this move forward.

In spite of this excitement, the digital landscape is quite vast and can at times seem confusing or overwhelming.

Each tool consists of a brief description as well as a run down of how they may address key areas to management. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list but just a sampling of some of what is out there. 

One might start out by asking what is digital management software and why use it?

Digital management tools are designed to execute tasks such as the tracking of assets, space use, work orders, supply needs, increase efficiency, and cut costs (among numerous other tasks).

The best tools will help managers to complete all of these tasks.

The nuances between services allows for the space for companies to choose software that best fits the overall goals and necessary tasks performed by the organization. 



eFacility provides facility managers with a digital twin of their facility so their technicians can quickly access O&M manuals, blueprints, notes, and other crucial information in minutes.  eFacility helps facility managers to complete more work orders every day.

This software application allows for individuals on particular jobs and projects as well as those working in facilities to store information in a way that cuts costs and mistakes by increasing accuracy and the speed at which information is shared on job sights.

In addition to these features, this vital resource also provides users with the opportunity to solve a common issue in the industry with recording institutional knowledge.

This software provides a place to record changes to facilities and drawing as well as connecting individuals by allowing them to communicate and record information related to work orders.

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Facility Management Xpress


Creators of this cloud-based resource describe it as having an easy to use and access calendar to view to “submit, track, and manage their requests, events, and assets.”

In addition to calendar features, it also provides analytics important for informing decision-making for facilities.

Additionally, it assists staff in staying connected regarding the completion of tasks related to maintenance and other needs.

This resource received ratings related to high levels of customer satisfaction on the resource softwareadvice.com.

The client base for this organization includes a wide array of organizations ranging from professional, to government, to educational, to religious, to many others.

eMaint CMMS


This CMMS software describes itself as having over 50,000 users that assist with “predicting failures, eliminate downtime, and improve reliability.”

This resource provides a range of subscription packages that can help to fit the individual needs of its users.

Among a plethora of features it also allows for information to be standardize in order to make information easier to retrieve and interpret as well as includes interaction images of assets and floor plans.

Dude Solutions


This business offers a diverse portfolio of facility managements software that assist in communicating the work that is often “unseen and unsung” but at the same time vital to meeting the goals and missions of companies.

This organization seeks to increase safety, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of not only the companies as a whole but the individuals performing tasks as well using words such as “empower” to describe the goals the company has for its users. 



The iOffice Corp has various software tools to assist with the efficient managements of businesses and facilities.

The resources range from mobile apps and software that can assist with the tracking of inventory, assets, leases, mail, moves, reservations, service requests and more.

One specific tool assists with the tracking of inventory to streamline the process across departments and cut down on communication errors and overspending.

Maintenance Connection


Among many features, this resource provides tools that help to avoid some of the pitfalls of reactive maintenance and in turn utilize proactive maintenance strategies.

This resource stores maintenance schedules, budgets, and other information related to upkeep.

Additionally, it also assists with the management of work orders. This company works with clients in various fields including the healthcare industry.

OfficeSpace Software


OfficeSpace utilizes cloud-based functions to assist with the management and allocation of space. Developers of this software claim that it can function on any device and allow for the seamless communication in order to cut on real estate costs by allowing individuals to communicate in order to reserve the resources needed to perform a particular task. This resource utilizes floor plans for reservations of space and also to optimize cumbersome tasks such as office moves. This allows for more efficient moves as well as office sharing.

The Digital Toolbelt

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it gives an idea of all of the possibilities out there to assist with the management of various projects, institutions, facilities, and businesses.

With now hundreds of possibilities, managers can try on various tools for size to see if they are the right fit for their specific needs.

Consider consulting with elearning industry recommendations as well as software advice reviews among many other sights containing reviews and recommendations.

When in doubt, never hesitate to rely on word of mouth and or calling the digital tool companies directly in order to receive a more specific consultation.

About Us

eFacility provides software for facility managers that need to capture and share institutional knowledge.

eFacility’s patented technology allows technicians to access the documentation necessary to complete a work order from a mobile device.

Geo-based documentation delivery ensures the technician can quickly access the important documentation for only the area of the facility in which they’re standing.


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