PITTSBURGH, PA — eFacility, LLC, a leading facility management solutions company, today announced that it has obtained the rights to the Fasttac Facility Information System from Construction Advancement Technologies, LLC.

eFacility was launched in 2018 to specifically focus on innovation for Facilities and to provide an easy to use solution to manage and use facility data. Originally launched as an extension of Fasttac, Inc., eFacility has proven to be a leader in the facility management solutions space.

Fasttac, Inc, originally launched in 2008, is a software company that allows construction teams to organize project drawings and easily access and update those drawings at any location. Fasttac has been used in hundreds of construction projects and was naturally adopted by the facility managers of those buildings once the construction was complete.

The acquisition includes the assets of the business as well as the leadership team. Ray Steeb, the former CEO of Fasttac, has been named the CEO of eFacility. “This transaction allows us to provide the absolute best product and experience possible for Facilities and Facility Managers all over the world. By focusing our product on facilities, where it has proven to be most valuable, we’re able to continue to expand our offering and bring bleeding-edge innovation to facilities, just like we originally did for construction sites over a decade ago” Ray said, commenting on the acquisition.

Existing Fasttac customers will continue to be supported by eFacility.

About eFacility

eFacility offers a technology solution that helps facilities and facility teams organize, access, capture, and share facility data at any location. The product aims to significantly increase the productivity of facility teams by increasing the speed of accessing data as well as accuracy.