NFMT 2022

The One Challenge Facing All Facility Managers

What’s the one challenge facing all facility managers? 

Facility maintenance staff is in short supply! 

A shrinking labor market and increasing labor costs are impacting all organizations and all facility managers. These challenges are further compounded as baby boomers retire and institutional knowledge is lost. 

Learn How To Capture Institutional Knowledge at NFMT 2022

If you’re a facility manager faced with labor shortages, increasing costs, and a growing list of work orders we can help.

Stop by our booth at NFMT2022 March 29-31, 2022 in Baltimore to tell us about your operation and see if can help you get more done, get it done faster, and get it done cheaper. 

You can also see our founder and CEO, Ray Steeb, show how to capture institutional knowledge before its too late. Stop by Expo Hall, Stage 1, Thursday March 31, from 12:30-12:50 to watch the talk and meet Ray.

Capture Institutional Knowledge and Increase Your Time On Tools

Do you feel like your team wastes too much time looking at paper drawings and O&Ms?

Are you nervous about when your senior techs will retire because they know how to fix everything?

Or do you have all of your information on a server, but no one knows how to access it?

If so, your institutional knowledge is in the wrong place. The industry’s best-in-class maintenance staff work-order time-on-tools is only 37%.

We can help you increase that number by giving techs the right information at the right time.

If you won’t be at NFMT2022 you can set up a 1 on 1 introduction. We’d love to hear about your facility and operations and share how our tool can help capture institutional knowledge while saving you time and money. Click here to schedule an introduction with our team.