We talk a lot about the cloud , but to refresh your memory the cloud is a network of servers, and each server has a different function. Some servers use computing power to run applications or “deliver a service”. A great example of a using the cloud is using FASTTAC; our customers do not have a need for local servers, instead, we take care of all of that heavy lifting for them.

So why does the construction industry care about the cloud? Because the cloud can simplify your life and business significantly. Anytime we talk about making something simpler, we’re talking about saving time and increasing efficiency, equating to money saved. Ultimately the construction industry cares about the cloud because of exactly that reason, it saves money. How? There are many ways, but here are four great reasons to leverage the cloud to save money for your business!


When we’re talking about construction, the last thing you’re thinking about is the amount of software and servers it takes to keep the business and operations executing efficiently. The reality is that it takes a lot of technology to keep a large construction operation going, and every time you implement new software you need to have the hardware and talent to support that software. Moving from physical servers and staff to the cloud means less time spent, more reliability, and a quicker roll out!


Managers spend a lot of time tracking progress to ensure that the job is moving along. From tracking changes to the blueprints to controlling the budget, cloud-based software can take traditionally manual processes and streamline them. This type of software not only makes management easier, but it also can interpret that information into meaningful dashboards, giving us additional information to make high-impact decisions.


Control access but also super-charge access. Physical documents and drawings are hard to control, but also hard to get. When using a cloud-based document management or drawing management system you can control who can access certain files, but also ensure that those who have access can see those files instantly.


This is FASTTAC’s bread and butter. During the bidding phase of a project you’ve probably had a general contractor try to email a specialty contractor an updated blueprint, but the size of the file makes it nearly impossible. Moving files of this size can be painful, but dealing with out of date drawings is even more painful. When drawings are being served from the cloud, not only can all of your contractors easily access the drawing, but they can also see changes versions of the drawing as well as markups that have been made.