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6 Reasons Why You Must Implement CMMS in Your Facility

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a software program that streamlines and automates a company’s maintenance processes. It greatly helps in increasing productivity of your business and cutting down the maintenance costs as you can automate the maintenance schedules, increase asset lifetime, forecast inventory needs, and keep track of work orders via computer and mobile devices. Here are 6 ways CMMS helps in achieving it.

  • Reduced Downtime and Overtime Costs

Implementing an asset management software will help in streamlining planned, preventing maintenance. This reduces downtime significantly. If the repairs are planned in advance, then you won’t have to stop production for any kind of unexpected breakdown.

Moreover, when you have a solid preventive maintenance plan, you can be assured of minimizing or avoiding the extra staff-hours required for emergency repairs.

  • Manual Workload Gets Reduced

If you still use unstructured manual tools such as spreadsheets to drive routine work processes, you would be spending an average of 2 days a week on administrative tasks. This adds up to more than 800 hours of wasted time and unproductive work in a year!

Implementing a mobile CMMS can help in cutting down these days and hours of manual work time that is spent in filing and keeping records. When your employees spend less time on record keeping, they will be able to devote more time to asset production, management and care. This will even help in increasing your asset lifetime and bottom-line as well. CMMS also reduces human error that is common in traditional documentation.

Moreover, CMMS can offer you critical insights from data, something that spreadsheets can’t do. You can access important metrics like time being spent on downtime or asset maintenance with just a click of a button. The data will provide you with the insights necessary for making production improvements.

  • Improved Employee Performance

When you know how exactly each employee is performing, you can take the right measures to close the gap between their expected and existing performance. If you identify the employees requiring extra training, you can arrange training sessions for them using CMMS.

CMMS also tracks metrics like how much time an employee is spending on an individual task or if they have been in any accidents on the shop floor, etc. You can take the necessary steps to improve their performance and safety using this information. When employee productivity goes up, so does the productivity of your business.

  • Built-in Safety And Compliance

Every employee expects to have a safe environment to work in, which definitely isn’t a lot to ask for. Computerized maintenance management systems lend a helping hand to achieve the same. You can implement safety checks and compliance into each maintenance job, thus ensuring that technicians and operators stay safe and abide regulations while making repairs.

It also has safety and compliance checks built-in to your systems which will help in preparing your facility for an OSHA inspection or review.

  • Simplified Implementation of Preventive Maintenance Plan

Having a preventive maintenance plan means that you can schedule maintenance work in advance before a breakdown occurs or to avoid corrective, emergency repairs. It is possible to implement a preventive plan with spreadsheets and a calendar too, but it would be much easier with a preventive maintenance software.

CMMS will automate the preventive maintenance process by keeping track of and forecasting maintenance dates, technician schedules, tasks, repair reports, part inventory, etc.

  • Data Enhances Productivity

When you have data insights, you can reduce risk and increase the bottom line. You can get the data required from warehouse management software to increase productivity, decrease risk, and improve workplace safety. One of the biggest benefits of using CMMS is the ability to monitor the KPIs which is a set of data that tracks productivity and employee performance.

Make CMMS an integral part of your business and watch it develop organizational intelligence which will lead the managers to make better and informed decisions for achieving higher profits.


Written by eFacility Guest Blogger
Lindsey Walker

Author Bio:
Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN Asset Management. She specializes in business development, project management and asset management. She loves to read and the books in her library are her prized possessions.